Updated: 7/27
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Before you read this please keep in mind that I love comedies.  So if you're a blood and guts kinda' guy/gal you shouldn't even bother looking at this page. Positions change frequently too, depending on which series was seen most recently. ^_^

1.  Fushigi Yuugi TV Series  Review
2.  Marmalade Boy TV Series  Review
3.  Video Girl Ai  OVA  Review
4.  Koko wa Greenwood OVA
5.  Blue-Green Years TV Series  Review
6.  Touch TV Series   Review 
7.  Slayers TV Series/OVA
8.  El-hazard OVA  Review
9.  Akazukin Cha Cha
10. Mahou Tsukai Tai  Review 

Other highly recommended titles.

Bakuretsu Hunters
Battle Ship Nadesico
Gundam Wing
Hime-chan's Ribbon
Princess Army Wedding Combat
Ranma 1/2
Saint Tail
Tatoon Master
Tenchi Muyo!
Vision Of Escaflowne
Wedding Peach
You're Under Arrest! OVA
Yuu Yuu Hakusho