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Fansub Trade Rules

  1. Sorry, I only distribute fansubs in the USA right now.
  2. I did not subtitle any of these tapes myself.
  3. These tapes were subtitled by fans for fans.
  4. They are not professionals, so small blemishes and errors are expected and accepted. If this bothers you please don't request fansubs and support the commercial anime companies.
  5. I am not responsible for lost or damaged tapes. That's something you have to take up with your postman/post office (my postman likes to throw tapes over my gate to a 7 foot drop onto the pavement).
  6. If I make an error in your request contact me immediately and we will work something out.
  7. By accepting these tapes you must promise never to rent or sell copies of them for a profit.
  8. I am doing this as a service to the online Fansub community that has given me so much.
  9. Certain animes may contain nudity, violence or strong language . So if you or your parents(if you're under 17) are easily offended please do not request from me.

Rules and Procedure Email questions
Sample Letter

Hi! I would like to request tapes from you. Here's the info you wanted:

Name and Shipping address:
3453 Moon Ave.
Moon Palace, MK 52321


1. Marmalade Boy Vol. 1 eps.1-4
2. Marmalade Boy Vol. 2 eps.5-8
3. Marmalade Boy Vol. 3 eps.9-12

Again my shipping address is:
3453 Moon Ave.
Moon Palace, MK 52321