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Fushigi Yuugi
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MIAKA Yuuki and YUI Hongo have been best friends since elementary school. Their friendship was supposed to continue into high school. Yui had decided to attend the same school as Miaka so that they could be together. Little did they know that a trip to the Public Library would change their relationship as well as their lives forever. Now Miaka and Yui-chan find themselves trapped in a book, on separate sides of a war between countries.
Rick Sanders

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Fushigi Yuugi Review #1

I canít recommend this series highly enough to EVERYONE. Fushigi Yuugi, quite literally has got it all in spades. The comical aspects are hilarious with SD figures replacing the normal ones when appropriate. The romance and drama sequences are done equally well, maybe too well. Tears may be shed by those who are less than emotional rocks. Fushigi Yuugi just blends all the genres so perfectly its hard to describe. The only people who might be let down are sci fi fans, sorry, there just arenít any spaceships or mechs in ancient China. Otherwise, Fushigi is a must see for ALL anime fans. Although I donít normally break down the technical aspects of a show in a review, Iím making an exception for my favorite anime.

Animation/Artwork: 9.4
The animation and artwork are fantastic for a TV series, although not quite as good as some OVAís.

Music: 10
The music scores a perfect 10 with me. The beginning and ending theme songs are amazing. The first time I heard the b.t. song "For My Sweetheart" I knew I was in for something special. I even love the musical score that is played during the drama sequences.

Character Design: 9.9
Anyone would be hard pressed to find a cooler group of characters than the Suzaku Seishi. My favorites are Nuriko, Hortohori, Tasuki, and Tomahome. Believe me, the FY cast will grow on you like few characters have with their noble deeds and selflessness.

Storyline: 9.6 Although most will agree Fushigi Yuugiís underlying plot was lifted from Dragon Ball i.e. collect 7 balls(in this case people) to get a wish. This doesnít really detract from the series in any way. RPG fanatics will be in heaven. This is basically a Dungeons & Dragons adventure set in ancient China. FY has so many plot twists the storyline never gets boring.

Art/Animation:Storyline:Character Design:Music:

Review By CsK

Fushigi Yuugi Review #2

Art/Animation: I'm going to rate this as a perfect 10, so far as TV series goes. Considering the length of the series, the animation is very smooth, and the artwork is beautiful. The action scenes all look very cool - animation in this series is definitely first rate. Watase Yuu also uses Super-deformed very well, making this series lots of fun to watch :).

Storyline: 9.8. My only problems with the story are the fairly minute plot holes (earlier on, I won't go into detail, though), and probably more than that is the exaggeration of Miaka's character flaw. She means well, but there's too much of "I don't want to put my seishi in danger," when invariably she causes more trouble by wandering off alone. Other than that, it's just incredible. The characterization of all of the main characters in the series is done very well, and I managed to become attached to all of the Suzaku Seishi pretty quickly - which can hurt at certain parts of the series. It's intense, though. Definitely the best overall storyline I've ever seen in an Anime. Just be prepared for the good with the bad.

Character Design: Two words: No da ^_^. Perfect 10 again. The Seishi are all _very_ cool, and nobody does bad as well as Nakago. There's too much good to say about the various characters, so I'll stop there for now :).

Music: Alright, I'm biased, I often fall in love with the music before the series, but the music in this series is first rate. The use of background music is very nicely done, and the Opening and Ending themes are very cool. My favorite is far and away "Wakatta Itahazu".. anyway, if you want a sample, get the Original Soundtrack, it's _very_ good. Oh yeah, btw, this rates a ten ^_^. I've spent more money on the music for this series than any other, but most of that is just because this is my favorite series of all time :).

Other: Fansubtitling, by Tomodachi Anime. I know the whole series hasn't been released yet, but I hope it is. They've done an incredible job with the subtitles, culture notes, and just generally enhancing the series. I recommending seeing their version of this before anyone else. They're a great group of people.

Art/Animation:Storyline:Character Design:Music:

Review By Rick Sanders