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Marmalade Boy
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David Seid 9.9

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Marmalade Boy Review

Marmalade Boy is a series that blends the genres of comedy, romance, and soap opera drama perfectly. Quite frankly, there is nothing out there completely like it.

In the first episode, Miki (one of the two main characters in the series) learns that during a vacation, her parents met another couple and both couples have decided to divorce, and marry each other's respective partners! To complicate things further, the two newly formed couples are going to stay very close friends and live in Miki's house! Oh, by the way, the other couple have a son (Yuu, the other main character) Miki's age, who will be moving in with the rest of this mixed up family. Thus the premise for Marmalade Boy is set up. Miki and Yuu develop from a brother sister relationship, into an attempted romantic one (with an unbelievable amount of hurtles along the way).

This is only the begginning though. The series is actually improved by numerous major supporting characters such as Ginta, Miki's friend since childhood who she has had a torch for since a couple of years ago when she sent a letter telling him her feelings. When he turned her down, she thought it was over and they went on to being just good friends, but is it really over?

There is also Meiko (my personal favorite character in all of anime), who is Miki's best friend and advisor on matters of the heart and other multitdes of problems. Meiko is the mature and secretive one of the two. She gives excellent advice, but she is secretly having love problems of her own with her teacher of all people!

I won't say any more about the goings on in the series, so I don't ruin it for the viewer, but I can say it gets much more in depth as the seies goes on, and has a great suprise ending as well.

The further you get in te series, the more major supporting characters appear. This series has more love triangles than you can count on both hands, and you don't know how they end until the last episode!

While I have seen a lot of anime, in many genres, from the great Gundam Wing, to Fushigi Yuugi, none mixes so many genres together so effectively with superb story telling and THE BEST character designs ever (no lie!), and one of the best soundtracks ever (second only to Escaflowne). REQUEST THIS TITLE NOW!!!!

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Review by: David Seid