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Video Girl Ai
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Romantic Comedy
Zero G/Aquarian

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Eddie Isham

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Video Girl Ai Review

Video Girl Ai is one of the best anime/manga ever written. It is about friendship, trust, and love. It is about conflicts between man and his emotion, perfection and imperfection, love and true love. Conflicts play an important role in Video Girl as it keeps the story flowing. Each character created has his/her own unique personality, and it showed. Ai-chan is very alive and outgoing. Each scene that Ai appears in seems to have energy within it. She is voiced by Megumi Hayashibara of Ranma fame. With this "natural" voice, Ai seems fresh and she makes me or anyone feels comfortable. Her personality is contrasted by Moemi. Moemi is pretty, kind, but lacks Aiís charisma. Youta, who likes Moemi, will have to make a choice of choosing either Ai-chan, a video girl who will disappear after her playing time ends, or Moemi, a pretty girl who thinks of him as only a best-friend.

Video Girl Ai is a very touching story. From my experience, everyone who has watched this anime havenít said anything against it. Some people love it. Others become calm and quite, possibly they were moved by such great plot and donít want to express any emotion. Many people who love this anime are the ones that care for others since the story probably touches them more. If you are a blood-spilling, nuke-fighting, kamehameha-throwing anime fans, Video Girl Ai may not be what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for a unique anime with exceptional plot, Video Girl Ai should be the best one out there.

Note from the mangas: Video Girl Ai mangas contains five times the plot of the anime.

From the manga, you will be introduced to many new characters including a few more video girls, one being Mai (meaning hate). You will notice various conflicts. My favorite one is Aiís condition of becoming human. If Ai makes love to one man, her creator will make her human. Since Video Girls were created to entertain men, this condition seems acceptable. However, being an imperfect video girl, Ai has learned to love and couldnít go on with such a condition. If imperfect is humane, Ai, who is a video girl, should already be human. If you like the Video Girl OAV, do yourself a favor and buy the manga. You will love it!

Review By Eddie Isham

Video Girl Ai Review 2

Anime just doesnít get this good everyday. VG Ai tells the story of a kind hearted teenager named Youta, who battles with the pain of unrequited love. That is, until he finally discovers true love in the most unlikely of places. VG Ai takes the popular plot of a dream girl come to life but adds one signifacant difference. Ai has an attitude! So donít expect Belldandy (of AMG) cuzí you ainít gonna get it.

Few stories have touched me like VG Ai. Fushigi Yuugi, and to a lesser extent Marmalade Boy come to mind, but they were in TV series format. Which gave the creative teams an unlimited amount of time to develop the characters and make us care about and love them. Video Girl Ai is three hours long and creates a similar effect with 1/10th the time. The ever popular Megumi Hayashibara (Female Ranma, Catgirl Nuku Nuku, and a ton of other credits to her name) supplies the voice for Amano Ai in her best dramatic performance. Watch the first 5 minutes of VG Ai and you will know why true anime fans prefer the original Japanese dialog over American dub efforts. But I must admit Megumiís Lina Inverse is still my all time favorite. The animation in VG Ai is average OVA quality at best, but in no way detracts from the story or your enjoyment. If you want blood, guts, gunfire, and state of the art anime go rent or buy Ghost in a Shell. Video Girl Ai is for people who want to laugh, cry, and discover love with Ai and Youta. I only wish all 13 volumes of the manga were transferred into anime. Unfortunately that didnít happen(or at least not yet). I could continue praising VG AI for another paragraph or two but I donít want to ruin the experience for you. Fair warning though: if you cried watching FY expect to do the same here. ^_^

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Review By CsK