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Mahou Tsukai Tai!
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Mike Sansoni 9.5
Daniel Taraschke 8.0

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Mahou Tsukai Tai! Review 1

Mahou Tsukai Tai is a story about 5 teenagers living in Tokyo who are members of their high school's magic club. This is a very different story because it contains a lot of magic, but happens in the real world and has robots at the same time. Only other one I can think of like that is the Rayearth OAVs.

The story centers on Sae Sawanoguchi, a peppy sophomore who isn't very good at magic, but tries hard at it. She keeps a picture diary, that kind of narrates the story.

Also appearing are Takeo Takakura, the club's slightly perverted yet well-meaning prez; Aburatsubo, the gay vice president who's fallen for Takeo, Nanaka Nakatomi, Sae's best friend who's always trying to quit the magic club, and Akane Aikawa, a cute little freshman who always has a date during the magic club's meetings.

The problem in the story is that a gigantic alien ship called the Bell is floating outside of Tokyo, and not really bothering anyone. Takeo-kun, however wants to destroy it because he thinks it's trying to take over the earth. It starts to analyze the club's magic, and what it leads up to is a climax that calls Sae to believe in herself-and for her, that's a very hard thing to do.

I really enjoyed this series, but be warned, it is slightly Hentai. If you can look past that, it's a funny and entertaining joyride.

Review By Mike Sansoni

Art/Animation:Storyline:Character Design:Music:

Mahou Tsukai Tai! Review 2

Hello fans! Dan the Man back with another Review of a great OVA series, Mahou Tsukai Tai!

In the near future, An alien force has come to earth and is destroying all the weapons of war. Fighter Jets, Battleships, Particle beam Weapons have no effect on the monolith (which curiously looks like the monolith from Star Trek IV!) From the beginning animation you are expecting a rip roaring military action adventure. But then...

The main characters are high school students in their school's magic club. The president of the club, Takeo Takakura, has a thousand things on his mind, amongst them how to win the heart of the series main character Sae Sawanoguchi, how to fend off the advances of the openly gay club member Ayanoju Aburatsubo. Then he has his Main agenda, The destruction of the Monolith that is threatening the world. Sae's best friend, Nanaka Nakatomi, is a level headed, down to earth girl who thinks the Magic club is a waste of time. There is also a fifth member, Akane Aikawa, who's magic is just as dizzy as she is.

The series starts with the first mission to destroy the Monolith. This is hampered by the fact that Takeo is the only member enthusiastic enough to actually go after it. Ayanoju is only interested in in Takeo, Sae is still learning how to fly on her broom, Nanaka is trying to get Sae to quit, and Akane is out shopping with her boyfriend du-jour. But, unbowed, Tanaka gives Sae a quick lesson in flying, gets Ayanajou's mind above the waist line, and even convinces Nanaka to come along, although it takes her a while TO come along. So the four of them go after the Monolith... and get royally trounced. They end up in the ocean by the end of the episode.

But the Monolith is now interested in the Magic Club. Their use of magic has piqued it's interest and now it wants to find out more. So the Magic Club has got to stay on it's toes if it want's to find a way to beat the monolith, as well as figure out themselves.

Mahou Tsukai Tai, or I Want To Learn Magic, is a cute and funny (don't forget slightly ecchi) 6 episode series that makes for very satisfying viewing. The opening theme is poppy and cute, without being too sugary and the characters are developed rather well over the course of the series. The CG is seamlessly integrated with the Cell Anime. All in all, you wont be sorry if you pick this series up.

Animation: Good character designs and well drawn mecha. Storyline: Also very well done. All you need to know is explained along the way.

Character development: The Series works on some characters more than others, like Sae trying to come to terms with her own magic usage and her feelings for Tanaka is well done, but there is almost no development for Akane.

Music: As I said before, The opening Theme is cute and poppy, and the closing theme is a slow and relaxing tune. Haven't heard the image album yet, but have been told that it is very good.

Review by Daniel Taraschke

Art/Animation:Storyline:Character Design:Music: