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Trading Rules

  1. I must receive my titles first. I'm sorry if this sounds unfair but I've already been burned twice.
  2. There is no maximum but a minimum of at least 2 tapes for trades.
  3. VHS or SVHS trades are fine. The ratio is 2 to 1 if you want a SVHS but can only offer VHS copies in return. I will use the same ratio if you want VHS and I want SVHS.
  4. I will use TDK HiFi VHS tapes and Fuji Premium SVHS tapes. I expect you to use the same grade from one of the following companies: Fuji, TDK, Maxell, PTS. I can also use a medium grade like TDK E-HG but the trade WILL take longer.
  5. All source material must be at least 2nd generation VHS.
  6. Please! no VCRs with ONSCREEN AUTO TRACKING as the playing deck. If you don't understand just email me and I will explain it to you.
  7. Hifi VCRs only please.
  8. If all of this sounds OK email me at with your list attached or the URL of your list. I will reply regardless.