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Sakura Tsuushin
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Romantic Drama
Anime West?

David Seid 9.75

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The Sakura Tsuushin Review

**Just one note: So far, at the time of this review, the series is only available in its raw Japanese form. Anime West, however, will be subbing the entire series and should have the first four episodes complete any day now.

When a friend of mine asked me to give this series a chance, I thought he was nuts. After all, Sakura Tsuushin is an "adult" anime series. After seeing countless adult titles that have been brought over to the US, and having been disgusted at their portrayal of women and peoples' actions in general, I expected more of the same. Thankfully, I can say that S. Tsuushin is NOTHING like those horrible tentacle stinkers. To the contrary, it is a very tasteful love triangle/shoujo drama with some humor to really keep the viewer's attention until the bittersweet end.


S. Tsuushin revolves around three main characters. It is based on the manga series by UJIN of the same name. The two principle characters are Urara and Toma, with Meiko making up the missing piece of the love triangle.

The series starts off with Urara barging in on Toma in his hotel room. She calls him Toma-chan (essentially implying that they have been very close), but he does not have a clue who she is. To make a long story short, the link between Toma and Urara is made more and more clear throughout the series.

I don't think I will be giving too much away in saying that Urara is hell-bent on getting Toma to love her, like she loves him. There is just one problem -- Toma has met a woman in front of the entrance exam testing center for Tokyo University (where Toma is trying to enroll), and is obsessed with trying to get her to go out with him (Mieko). Mieko does not particularly seem opposed to the idea either. In the meantime, Toma is getting closer to Urara as a friend, but does not appear very interested in anything else. And so we have another classic love triangle all set up.

The series really focuses on love and its problems. Toma has his with both Mieko and Urara. Urara has hers with Toma, etc etc..... Comedy is featured quite heavily early on, but towards the end of the twelve episode OVA series, heavy drama kicks in, and gives a very surprising ending to the triangle and the series.



There are a lot of still shots used, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of art used for Sakura Tsuushin. The color palette is quite good indeed.


These designs are definitely some of the best I have ever seen. They are based on the unbelievably great art of UJIN (of course). I was absolutely blown away by just how good these were!


This series has a GREAT musical score. The opening and ending vocals are top notch. I would love to get my hands on the soundtrack to the series.


This was the most surprising shock of all. S. Tsuushin has ONE OF THE BEST STORYLINES AVAILABLE. After witnessing all of the tripe in the adult anime category being acquired by US companies, I only wish someone would acquire this one. There really is no sex in the series, and no explicit nudity -- what you DO get is a storyline that captures real human emotion like very few series can. Don't get S. Tsuushin if you are looking for a cheap thrill (you won't find it here), get it for its amazing, well-executed storyline.


This is easily one of the ten best series I have watched. It also is the only adult series that has ever interested me in the least. I will say, however, that if more adult series were made using the taste, brilliant storytelling, jaw-dropping art, and musical magic that Sakura Tsuushin offers, I would have to give the genre another SERIOUS look. I give Sakura Tsuushin my HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!!!!

Review By: David Seid

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