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Route Mars 9.1
Sailor Kity 9.9

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Sailormoon Review 1

OK, here's a review I made for the subbed version of the show Pretty Soldier Sailormoon.

The Plot:

(Sailormoon - 1st season) Usagi Tsukino came across a talking cat one day. It's name was Luna. Usagi soon met other soldiers. (No, they are not called scouts) Ami (pronounced Ah-mee) Mizuno (Sailormercury), who's actually a student at Usagi's school. Rei Hino (Sailormars), who's religion is Hindu and she has the ability to read fires and has ESP. She goes to TA private all- girl school. Makoto Kino (Sailorjupiter), who also goes to Usagi's school, and she loves to cook. Minako Aino (Sailorvenus), who came from England, goes to a different school and has her own cat, Artemis. Soon they met the outer soldiers, Setsuna Meioh (Sailorpluto), who is a time traveler and rarely appears, Haruka Tenoh (Sailoruranus) who looks too much like a boy to be a soldier, Michiru Kaioh (Sailorneptune), who never parts with Haruka, and Hotaru Tomoe (Sailorsaturn), who is the second most powerful soldier, (despite her age - 8 - and her height) and a cyborg. Then there is also Chibiusa Tsukino, Usagi and Mamoru's daughter in the 31st century. She is Sailorchibimoon. There is no specific plot in the whole thing, there is a different plot for each season (there are five), so it's kind of long. (lasted 200 episodes) Then there are the Three Lights. They are men, but when they transform they are also Sailor Soldiers, that being their true form. They used the male side as a disguise (kinda like when you splash water on Ranma) to find their own Princess. There's Seiya Kou (SailorStarFighter), and his brothers Yaten Kou (SailorStarHealer) and Taiki (SailorStarMaker).


The music is really cool. Especially 'La Moon' and 'Revival! We won't allow a Crisis' from it's third musical. Each soldier has their own song, and they sing it. Sometimes it's eerie (like Sailorsaturn's), sometimes it's cute (like Usagi and Chibiusa's), sometimes it's sad (like Sailoruranus'), and sometimes it's a mix of all those. But mainly it's just great. Like Sailormars' first song, ~Fire Soul Love~, in the beginning it had metallic voices saying '5, 4, 3, 2..' and glass breaking and echoing and all that.


I guess they switched artists over the past five years, because you can tell animation differences. The first three seasons were animated good, but I didn't really like it. The fourth season's animation was sort of icky, their noses were drawn weird. I guess my favorite's the last season, because it was more advanced.

Character Development:

Usagi has really matured more in the five seasons, mainly because either her friends or herself get killed, and she really has to hold on to life. Ami hasn't changed much, but she got glasses in the Super S season. Rei soon finds out that she's Usagi best friend, even though they fight a lot. Makoto is the same person. Minako is now reciting quotes, but always getting them wrong. Haruka is more kinder to Usagi. (Before she said that she would kill her if she got in her way). Michiru is, also. Setsuna now stays in the present, because she wants to watch over Hotaru. Hotaru used to be a frail, weak girl when she first appeared. But after the whole deal with Misstress Nine and evil Sailorsaturn, she reincarnated as a baby and started growing again. (she grows really, really fast)

Review By Route Mars

Sailormoon Review 2

There are 5 seasons in Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon, R, S, SuperS, and Sailor Stars) the series has over 200 episodes with three movies, some specials, and musicals.

Overall rating 9.9

Sailor Moon is the basic story of a person that believes they can't do anything finds out that they can make a difference in the world.

Basic Plot: First Season

A klutzy crybaby that hates homework and loves to nap and eat comes across a magical talking cat. That crybaby, Tsukino Usagi, finds that she is the warrior of justice, Sailor Moon. Her mission is to find the other Sailor Senshi and defeat the enemy. Sure, sounds easy, but when you put Usagi in charge, some things get in the way (love interests and food for one thing)

New enemies come and go, as along with mysterious new senshi, and each time, Usagi learns a little more about herself, and her true character, a person who loves and sacrifices herself freely, shows through.

The plot is wonderful, and each cheesy episode with many Usagi blunders is matched with a heartwarming episode of great character development. I would give this plot a 9.9

Music: 10

The music greatly stresses the mood in this series. Each opening and closing song represents a central theme for that season, and the singers are wonderful. Sailor Moon music goes many steps beyond cheesy jingles. (although the 3 o'clock fair song in the Super S movie tends to give one toothaches^_^)

Animation: 9.5

First, one would have to remember that not just one artist did the animation for Sailor Moon. In some episodes, the eyes of the men look quite strange (think 1 out of 10 episodes) but other that that, the animation is superb. The henshin and attack animation sequences are superb, and not one character looks poorly drawn. Also, as a character ages (Chibi Usa) one can see the difference as the series progresses.

Character Development: 10

The first impression of a character is not always the true one. Sailor Moon's characters develop greatly throughout the series, and each person tends to mature a little more as each season ends. Spoilers are no fun, so I won't be giving any examples.

Art/Animation:Storyline:Character Design:Music:

Review by Sailor Kity