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Rurouni Kenshin
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Chigai San 9.0

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Rurouni Kenshin Review

Rurouni Kenshin has all the elements that make a good Japanese animation better than all the others. I give it a 9. "Why a nine," you say. Well, because Rurouni Kenshin does get a little violent. If you have only seen the first tape I understand your surprise. If you have seen up to tape 2 you get the picture with Jinea (Don't worry kenshin newbies. That's not a major plot revelation). But trust me. I've seen up to tape 16 so far. That is the end of the Shishio saga. And it does get a bit gory. Especially in the flashbacks.

Although, Rurouni Kenshin has a story line that coincides with the Meiji period of Japan. And all of the names of important government heads are there. And so the story line is even more intensely interesting with every show. Although it did take a while to get to the Shishio/Kyoto saga, the fillers were interesting to me. And it has seemed to me that everyone has a reason for being themselves. You also have to realize that this is one of the Anime's that appeals to your emotions. So far I have cried at 4 parts in 16 volumes. You really have to see the show to understand, but take my word for it. The Japanese have shown their meticulous side once again with details, but not getting boring.

The animation is superb. There are no shortcuts taken. And from the first season to the second and third the animation gets even better. The depth of it improves.

The Music I will get to last. It is so spine tingling and amazing that It is only rivaled by Escaflowne (And some songs are better than escaflowne) The beginning and end songs are Japanese Pop and Rock, but the whole show is classical, so if you don't like classical you might still like Kenshin's music because it is so good.

All and all the show is perfect. Even the direction. When you see the second Soujiro vs. Kenshin Fight in volume 15 that is when you will realize how good the direction is. Hope that you enjoy this show, although my friends and I have taped over parts because they get a little nasty. So if you don't like violence, make sure there is someone there who has seen it and can fast forward through it. So hope that you will enjoy this spectacular Anime.

Review By: Chigai San