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Mamotte Shugo Getten!
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Raw Jpn
Romantic Comedy

David Seid 8.37

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Mamotte Shugo Getten! Review

Mamotte Shugo Getten! is a show currently running on Japanese TV. It is not particularly original and the background art is absolutely atrocious -- but it definitely had something I liked, because I am still eagerly awaiting each new episode... DESCRIPTION

Mamotte Shugo Getten! is a slapstick romantic comedy that bears more than a bit of a resemblance to Ah! My Goddess. It also has some similarities to Tenchi Muyo.

The show is focused on Tasuke -- a high school student living alone in his family's house (yes, another one of those...). Tasuke's father is an archaeologist, and has sent him a medallion in the mail from his dig. Of course, this is not just any medallion -- when Tasuke inspects the medallion more thoroughly, Shaorin pops out of it...

Shaorin is a spirit that is supposed to protect the owner of the medallion (Tasuke). She is a very kind and gentle spirit -- but she is from the past, and does not know anything about today's society. This leads to all sorts of problems for Tasuke, as Shaorin seems to cause more trouble then she prevents for Tasuke, in her quest to protect him. Of course, Tasuke and Shaorin are in love, but neither one really is aware of it.

Tasuke may have plenty of problems with Shaorin alone, but his problems hardly stop there. The next day, he receives yet another artifact in the mail from his father's archaeological expedition, and out pops Ruan, another spirit. Ruan is kind of like Shaorin's opposite. She is an older spirit, that is kind of like Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo -- very seductive and sexy, as opposed to Shaorin who is innocent and cute. She, of course, is also in love with Tasuke (calling him Ta-sama in the series) and makes her feelings well-known.

To make matters worse, Shaorin and Ruan are enemies. This causes them to constantly get into fights that destroy Tasuke's house among other things, and cause him no end of misery...

There are many other characters that pop up to cause Tasuke trouble and become attached to him, as well as both Shaorin and Ruan....



The series has truely AWFUL BACKGROUND ART, and I would be lying if I said it did not have a negative effect on the enjoyment of watching the show. The background art colors are muted, and the art detail seems to be near completely absent. Definitely some of the worst I have seen. Animation is standard TV fare. This category is definitely not one of the strengths of the series.


While Mamotte Shugo Getten! may have horrible art -- its character design is amazing! The designs for Shaorin (absolutely beautiful) and Kaori-chan (cute as can be) are two of the series standouts. I loved all the designs used in the series -- these are definitely among the best I have seen!


The opening song to the series is the best song I have heard in a series to date. I was immediately hooked and wanted to sing along (my family was glad I didn't). I also loved the ending song to the show as well. I rate the vocals overall as excellent.


There really is not much of a storyline here, and what there is of one, borrows from many other shows (no originality award here). The series is very episodic and there is little in the way of character development. I will say that the series is very funny though, and scores big in the attention holding department. It may not have a powerful or original storyline -- but if it makes me laugh and keeps me interested, then it succeeds, as far as I am concerned.


Mamotte Shugo Getten! may not be a classic, and its script is not a literary powerhouse -- but it IS funny, and that is what counts for this kind of show. You may be put off by the terrible looking art in the show, but one look at Shaorin, and your jaw will drop, I am certain. If anything, check the show out for its great opening song, if nothing else about it interests you -- it is worth your viewing time alone. As for me, I liked the show, and I think most of you will as well. I rate the series a solid RECOMMENDED.

Review By: David Seid

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