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Kodomo No Omocha
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David Seid 8.7

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Kodomo Omocha Review

When I first saw the character designs for Child's Toy, I knew I had to try the show. The main characters look just like younger versions of Miki and Yuu from Marmalade Boy (I have since found out that they are not from the same character designer though). I had read someone from another review of the series call Child's Toy "a young Marmalade Boy on steroids," and that is exactly what it is!


Child's Toy revolves around the relationship between its two main characters Sana and Hayama. Sana is the popular child actress and Hayama is the "head class monkey" (head troublemaker) as Sana refers to him early on. It would appear that these two characters have absolutely nothing in common, but that adds to the appeal of this wacky romantic comedy series.

Also, just like Marmalade Boy, you have a whole supporting cast of characters to spice things up. You have Sana's very popular (and very crazy) mother who is a novelist, you have Rei who is Sana's driver/body guard/sort of boyfriend, and many others that pop up along the way.

If you thought that Marmalade Boy could get funny and over the top sometimes, this series gives a new definition to the term wacky! To add to this wackiness, Sana sometimes will break into a wild kind of rap song at a moments notice for no apparent reason in just about every episode!

Drama is portrayed in the series well, after the first episode (which was a bit disappointing, and all super wacky comedy), but the series never gets too serious, and I can safely say it can be unpredictable at times (a good thing).



The art is above average TV quality, and the animation will not blow anyone away. It is also slightly above average TV quality. This is one of those shows where it really did not bother me though. I should also mention that this series has one of the best opening credits scenes I have ever viewed -- just great stuff.


Like I said, the character designs are like Marmalade Boy's, only younger. Since Marmalade Boy has my favorite designs, it is only natural that I loved these as well.


The opening and ending songs to this series are truly first rate. They got me hooked enough to buy the CD to the show (which I don't recommend BTW -- not enough songs on it and the music was not good). I think everyone will love the vocals to this one. They are certainly some of the best I have heard.


Things start off VERY slowly in the storyline department for Child's Toy. I was about to give up after the first episode, due to it being overly wacky, but I am glad I stuck with the series. No, this does not have a powerful storyline like Marmalade Boy does, but it really is good though. I advise everyone to give the series a good four episodes, before writing its storyline off as unwatchable -- If you take my advice, I think you will not regret it later.


Child's Toy is certainly no classic like a Marmalade Boy or some other similar shows, but it is a good show and well worth your viewing time. It will not hook you in early, but that will change rather quickly over the next few episodes. It is a comedy, but it does have a semi-serious side to its storyline as well; this is what makes it so enjoyable. I would rate the show as a solid recommended (except for the super serious type of viewer).

Review By:David Seid

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