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Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure
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Studio K/Project Hayate

Daniel Taraschke 8.5
David Seid 4.6

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Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Review #1

Those of you who like the X Files will love this incredible animation series.

JJBA is about five adventurers (and their dog) who must find and destroy an evil overlord who has designs on conquring the world. The adventurers are "Stand User's". Stand's can be best described as physical manfestations of a particular persons fighting ability. These stands can have super strength, control water, even steal a persons soul!

The 1st and 2d eps. have our heros (Jotarou Joestar, Josef Joestar, Polnareff, Abdul, and Kakyouin) in the desert awaiting the arrival of a new companion, a foul tempered, gross little dog by the name of Iggy who has the power to control sand with his stand. While our hero's are getting aquainted with Iggy, they are unkowingly being stalked by N'dul, A blind stand user who is lethal with the water his stand controls. After he causes the helicopter bringing the heros a resupply to crash, N'dul then proceeds to terrorize the heros. Jotarou then decides to take matters in his own hands and forces Iggy to find N'dul leading up to the first of many tense standoffs.

After defeating N'dul our heros then endounter Davi, the Gambler, a stand user that can steal a persons soul through his gambles. I don't know how many poker games have ever been animated, but this one will have you on the edge of your seat as Jotarou tries to gamble for the secret of Dio's ( the evil overlord mentioned earlier) Stand, as well as for the souls of all his friends and his mother.

This leads them to the lair of Dio, and when they encounter him and his evil henchman Vanilla Ice (Yes, that really is his name), They find that he is well nigh unstoppable until Josef discovers the secret of Dio's stand by deductive reasoning, and then is still almost powerless to stop him until Jotarou takes up the fight in a knock down drag out finale that will have you jumping out of your seat while rooting for Jotarou.

Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure is an incredibly exciting and addictive adventure that will leave you breathless in its specticle. The sound track adds the right amount of tension without over powering the anime itself. The actual sound is done by Skywalker Sound (yes, as in George Lucas's Skywalker sound) so you know that every special effect will make you feel as though you are right there in the action. Animation design is a very detailed. The story fuses edge of your seat excitement with a little slapstick humor and horror thrown in for spice. If you are going through the WWW and you see this fan sub gem from Studio Kakyoin or Project Hayate, Pick it up, you most definately will not be dissapointed.

Review By: Daniel Taraschke

Art/Animation:Storyline:Character Design:Music:

Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Review #2

Well I guess I am going to take an opposing view of this series, to previous well written critique. I won't repeat the description as he has given a very good one in his review. EVALUATION


So So. I was not extremely impressed, but it did have its moments. I would say the art/animation was above average.


I hated these! The character designs in Jo Jo make Touch look great (and that is saying a lot!).


I agree with Daniel's review of the sound effects. The effects were really amazing. The sound channels were all used to perfection. The music soundtrack, however, left A LOT to be desired. I would classify it in the bottom 50% of the 150 or so series I have seen -- VERY POOR.


Quite frankly all of the above gripes would be forgiven if I liked the story, but I am very sad to say that I HATED IT. I found that there was very little character development (as if we were expected to already know about these guys), and the script writing was almost in the Street Fighter II the Movie class (not desirable). I found the story to be both pointless and confusing. The story to this series I would have to rate as one of the worst I have seen.


Well I disliked this show with a passion, but Daniel did like it as was evidenced in his review. I guess it is just a matter of taste. Try this series if you must, but don't hold me responsible if you find out that you hate it. I would rate this one a BIG AVOID!!!!

Review By: David Seid

Art/Animation:Storyline:Character Design:Music: