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The Glass Slipper
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David Seid 10.0

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The Glass Slipper Review

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Technically speaking, I should not be writing this review. After all, this is an anime review site, and The Glass Slipper is a live action drama (soap opera, to be exact). I feel compelled to write the review anyway, because The Glass Slipper is the type of Japanese live action show that should appeal to anime fans, especially fans of shoujo classics like Marmalade Boy and related shows.....


The Glass Slipper (Garasu no Kutsu) revolves around Ando Natsu (from now on referred to as Natsu) -- a young Japanese lady who just graduated from college. Her parents are both dead and she lives with her older brother Ryutaro. Ryutaro is a shoemaker who makes only men's shoes, that are distributed by a large powerful company called Morimichi.

That brings us to the next couple of main characters in the show. The first is Enzaki Toru (referred to as Toru for the rest of this review). Toru and Natsu are in love, but they are from different worlds (financially, that is). Toru is the son of Morimichi's President and someday will run the company. Natsu works in a library after her graduation, and Ryutaro is as poor as they come. This makes it very hard for any type of relationship between the two to survive.

Toru's mother is dead, but Saeko, the company Vice-President has married Toru's father and is now his direct heir, before Toru can inherit the company. She is a cold hearted woman, who is very business savy, but would destroy a person's life without a second thought (and Natsu is at the top of her list of candidates). I don't want to spoil the revelations of the series, so I can't say anything more about her -- but she plays a large role in the series and is the main nemesis to Toru and Natsu's happiness (Toru and Natsu fans will learn to hate this women with a passion)....

Finally, as kind of a side story that is woven into the action -- we have a drunk children's storybook writer that meets Natsu by chance, and then meets all the other characters in the series along the way.... He is in a bitter divorce dispute with his wife, another librarian at Natsu's place of business. The main cause of the marital dispute is due to his daughter who has lost her eye sight. Ever since, the father has been drinking and sleeping around on his wife, and now they can barely stand to even be in the same room together, let alone talk about their problems. Natsu sees the pain this is causing their little girl and tries to resolve their dispute -- that is how she gets stuck in the middle of this mess throughout the series....

I would love to tell you all the superb details and symbolisms used in the storyline to The Glass Slipper -- but they are *way* to numerous to mention here, and they would spoil your enjoyment of the series. The only thing I can tell you is that The Glass Slipper has a Marmalade Boy type story pace (very fast) and is as addictive as any show I have ever seen. Actually, it is even more addictie than any show I have ever seen.....



The actors in The Glass Slipper all perform their roles to perfection. This has got to be the best ensemble cast for a soap opera ever assemled as far as I am concerned. Of particular note is the superb acting of Kato Noriko (Natsu). She is not just a pretty face -- this woman is a POWERFUL actress that gets the acting down just right. To compliment her vast talent, is Hosaka Naoki (Toru). He is perfect for his role as well and they both light up the screen whenever they are together. Yes, they really are the perfect couple, and their chemistry makes the show all the more enjoyable.

Getting back to the characters themselves -- the ones you are supposed to like, you do. And the ones you are meant to hate, are incredibly evil and loathsome indeed. Saeko sets the new standard for how evil one person can be. All this tension between the characters just makes it even harder to wait for more episodes to arrive (there are 12 total). Also of note is the excellent character development of all the main characters in the series. You will know everyone very well by the end of the series, and feel like you were right there inside their heads during the show.


This show has about as good an opening song as you can hope for. I am lost for words in describing how much I like it -- but needless to say, I was hooked as soon as I heard it the first time, and have not tired of it since.... It does not get much better than this!


Oh... I absolutely loved it more than I could possibly relate to you here. Its pacing is fast and brilliant. It has tremendous symbolismís, and powerful language. There is not one negative thing I can say about it. The storylline to the series is my reference for storylines anywhere. This is what I wish the soap operas in the US were like. Instead of going nowhere like all US soap operas go, this one gets to the meat of things almost instantly --and it NEVER lets up! It is just one revelation after the next, and you never see them coming. What more could anyone ask for in a storyline such as this?


This show is my favorite show -- period. I am not just talking Japanese live action or anime -- I am talking ALL the shows I have ever seen. I know that you are probably thinking I am jumping the gun in making that statement, but I can't think of any series that has ever affected me like The Glass Slipper has. It really is *that* good! I strongly suggest that anyone who enjoyed Marmalade Boy, or is a shoujo anime or live action fan request this show off of KASHA (it is prof. subbed) immediately! The Glass Slipper gets my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE!

Review By: David Seid

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