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Ghost In The Shell
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Ghost In The Shell Review

"Ghost in the Shell" was the big anime hit of 96 in the U.S. It Received a national release in movie theaters, thumbs up by Siskel & Ebert, and even a brief stint at number 1 on the billboardís top video sales. But to tell you the truth. I really didnít enjoy it. Before you read any further I must remind you that I am not a big fan of SciFi anime. Which may have tainted my view and enjoyment of this movie.

I found the storyline slow, confusing, and well... boring. This is one of those movie you may have to watch twice to understand. Unfortunately I wasn't willing to do so. This is not to say GITS didnít have itís bright spots, sporting state of the art animation, a couple of fantastic action sequences and a BIG surprise, decent voice actors. However, this wasnít enough to keep my attention through the whole 82 minutes. GITS actually has the dubious distinction of being the only anime Iíve fallen asleep watching. Other negatives include the annoying chanting in the beginning and middle of the movie along with the leading voice actress who seemed to be doing little more than reading a script. Ghost in a Shell may not be worth a purchase in my book, but a rent couldnít hurt, especially if you like blood, guts, and Sci Fi.

Review By CsK

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