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Sci-fi Comedy
NT Anime/Dark Ops

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David Seid 9.5

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DNA^2 Review

DNA^2 is one of the best romantic comedies around in anime. It mixes a sci-fi premise in with the typical love triangle plot found in most romantic comedies.

The anime mainly revolves around Junta, a high school nerd type (who has a particular (hillarious) women allergy which causes him to throw up at the site of a naked female body), who evidently is destined to become a mega-playboy in the future. He will then proceed to impregnate hundreds of women who will all then give birth to more mega-playboys (you get the picture) --- causing an overpopulation problem in the future.

Karin, a DNA operative (a person who changes the DNA of people) is sent back to the past, in order to change Junta's DNA into that of a normal man. Well, things don't go exactly according to plan, setting up a hilarious chain of events.

This anime will seem familiar to fans of Video Girl Ai, as they both were written by the same person. This story is a little bit (actually a lot) more immature than Video Girl Ai, but that did not detract from my enjoyment of it in the least.

The anime is comprised of 15 episodes, but only 12 are the TV series, with the remaining 3 from OVAs that have the same production team and look exactly the same as the TV series. The OVAs, while integrated seamlessly with the TV episodes (you feel as if the TV series was 15 episodes to begin with), have less comedy and turn the show into a more sci-fi drama. Don't worry, they are just as good as the 12 TV episodes and give the story a realistic conclusion.

This series was one of the first imported anime series I watched and with the exception of Marmalade Boy, is the best in the romantic comedy genre (it can also be argued that Marmalade Boy is not a romantic comedy at all, but a soap opera romance, in which case DNA^2 is the best in the genre).

The Music is quite good, as is the previously mentioned story. The only area that I can find fault with is the animation looks middle budget TV quality, and the three OVA's look exactly the same quality as the TV episodes. I should point out that this did not affect my enjoyment of the series at all. Most romantic comedies lack Ghost in the Shell quality animation, but it is the story that is the main driver of these types of shows in my opinion. Needless to say, I loved this show, and if you like romantic comedies, you will probably love it too. DEFINITE REQUEST!

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Review By :David Seid